Monday, April 22, 2013

Here are some pictures of work I've been making this semester at Indiana University.
These Chia Beavers are currently on display at Indiana University East in Richmond, Indiana.
Chia Beavers

Here is a picture captured from a series of melting ice bullets I have been displaying on overhead projectors.
The Perfect Crime 2013
Ice, projector, electricity, wall
The Perfect Crime 2013
detail shot

And here is a link to a video piece I did in my sculpture class where we had to listen to a song we were familiar with, and make a piece during it. My chosen song was "Green Grows the Holly".

And now I am off to Australia to visit much-missed family and friends, and to miss much-visited Indiana family and friends!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Top 6 Mammals

Top 6 Mammals for today.
Emperor Tamarin Monkey. Moustache. Need I say more?

The Aye Aye have a long middle finger. We could all use one of those every now and again, couldn't we?

The Fennec Fox 
The Famous Platypus (Ornithorynchus), the plural has to be "Platypi", surely?!

The cuscus. Two names is better than one.
The Capybara is amazing, drink in this dignified demeanour.

Monday, November 19, 2012

My new "life size" Bigfoot sculpture is under is preview of some small porcelain Bigfoot souvenirs, and a picture of me working on a papier mache prototype.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Road Trip from May with the folks...

Tiger at Feline Rescue Centre, Indiana

Karen and I on her roof top garden, New York City

Brill Building, New York...where I work at my dream job as Carole King in the 1960's 
Colima Dog Sculpture from West Mexico at the Metropolitan Museum in New York

An Uncaptioned Photo I loved at Natural History Museum, NYC

My sister and I, Brooklyn Rebels, keeping off the grass

Jacobs Family - Country Music Stars
At the Ryman Auditorium/Grand Ol' Opry, Nashville 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Indiana Artwork

Here are two pictures of my work in is about the missing snow (we had an unseasonably warm winter, and here I was expecting snow and ice), Shackleton's amazing 1914 attempted Antarctic crossing and the dogs left behind...there are fish in that tank too, I'm a pet owner!

And this last one is a picture of a Bloomington fog, not the work of awesome Joel Zika. It looks a lot like it! Joel came on a visit to Bloomington a week after this fog happened. We had a great time enjoying cheap whiskey at a decent bar called Yogi's and watered down drinks at a less decent bar called Kilroy's.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy 2012

Happy New Year! I am so late! 2012 brings a lot of fun things...

1) THE DETERMINATORS - A Blog and Project with the uber-fantastic Brittany Veitch
Three categories, three dice, two sculptures.
Britt and I will roll three dice to determine how we will make, what we will use and what theme an artwork will be. Designed to be a way to collaborate without distance becoming a factor, as well as an exercise based way to make work. Anyone can join us, and monthly we will roll three dice. Categories can not be repeated, and we'll take suggestions for any new categories. The first roll produced: using carving/sculpting, make from clay, a trophy. This is mine, a dead mouse carved from soap (not quite clay!) with a bricklayer line tail.

2) Semester Two of IU. My plan is to branch out a little, taking a printmaking and a wood shop class. I am really enjoying photoshop so far, here is a sample of my printmaking project, which is to combine two digital images...I'm making a series of "Postcards from Indiana", with my new friends as local animals.

Meet David Katz...who declared (peaceful) war on chipmunks last semester when one was caught eating his plants.
3) Near and Dear, an exhibition curated by the awesome Molly Gabbard, who I met in Chicago recently, and who is imminently moving to Adelaide to take up a Fulbright art scholarship for a year. This opened in Columbus, Indiana on Friday 20th January...more pictures to come!

Hope everyone's year is off to an excellent start!