Friday, June 13, 2008


Our Mary 2005
Ceramic, Red Carpet
Photo by John Brash

In 2005 I went to Denmark, and sculpted a bust of the Princess Mary using thousands of collected magazine covers from Danish and Australian trash mags like New Idea. I ended up becoming a kind of stalker, and gave her a letter while I shook her hand on the red carpet. The Danish version of New Idea saw this display of adoration. They decided they'd send a photographer to the Ceramic Centre where I was working and published a picture of me and my sculpture in their magazine. 

I delivered a porcelain version of the Princess Mary bust to the Palace before I came back to Australia via Berlin. I showed the work here in Melbourne, as part of the show Public Surface. 

I also went to Bris Vegas that year, and showed some work in a great gallery called BlackLab (now Ryan Renshaw Gallery) with Shaun O'Connor and Sonya Peters. 

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