Friday, June 13, 2008


Domestic Flights 2006
Ceramic, Silver chain, Balloons, Paddlepop Sticks
Photo by John Brash

I made this work for a show at Westspace Gallery called Selekta. The premise was that the board of directors would choose an artist, then the artist would choose another, and that artist would choose a further artist. There were no restrictions on who anybody chose at all. There were about 30 people in the show. I had been chosen by the queen of papercutting Emma Van Leest, and I chose theremin player extraordinaire Miles Brown.

And Dan Rule wrote this article in The Age newspaper.

I was asked by Danielle Freakley, a brilliant artist, to be in a show called "We Must Support Ourselves". She got other artists to stand in front of their own work for two hours of the opening. People were invited to come and look at the work and the artist together. There was an article posted here about the project, at the NUCA (New Uncollectable Artists) blog. You may know Danielle from her other project, The Quote Generator, where she spent three years talking in quotes for another of her art projects. It was amazing to behold.

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