Saturday, November 29, 2008

November 2008

I am currently exhibiting 2 works in an exhibition called "Sunday Drive" which showcases a collection of eight urban artists who have responded to the landscape around Malmsbury, Victoria. Each artist took a drive to explore the history, and local flora and fauna of the area and developed personal responses to the environment. 

Here is my artist statement for one of the works I made: 

"On my drive down the Malmsbury I came across some warning signposts which read "Beware of Serrated Tussock". I became slightly paranoid, and wondered where and what this actually was, and if it was hiding behind a tree on the side of the road, waiting to attach itself to the side of my car and tussock me to death (or tussockate me, as it were). In short, I thought of a horror movie with a giant grassy-headed beast come to take over the world.

As it turns out, I wasn't far wrong. The serrated tussock is a Weed of National Significance which is a problem in New South Wales and Victoria, and it has its eye on the Malmsbury area. As part of the Australian Government's Defeating the Weed Menace program, Malmsbury was surveyed and found to be a well-controlled area, with a low incidence of the weed.

I'm not so convinced. After seeing those signs, I will be watching my back..."

The exhibition is on at:
Woodbine Gallery
2644 Daylesford Road, Malmsbury
Melways Reference: 609 E8
from the 16th November until the 14th December
open 11 - 5pm Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays

or by appointment: 
Anita Von Bibra

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