Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Veni Vidi Vici COMING UP!!!

Hey, y'all should get down to a new show at C3 Abbotsford Convent opening on Wednesday October 28th, 6-8pm. That isn't for 4 weeks but this should give you enough time to pop it in your diary and forward the relevant info on to your meat-eating, or vegetarian or bush food eating friends. 
Above is a sneak preview of work by Brittany Veitch, a bogong moth and butterfly cake...
There will be free food samples hand made by Rohani, Britt and I, so I reckon you should come down and see some politically incorrect art versions of "edible" Australiana.


Nina said...

sounds very interesting, wish I could fly down to abbotsford!

Kate is On The Make said...

Thanks Nina, I have seen your work before, perhaps when it was featured on a blog like etsy? Or maybe at Craft Vic? You'll probably see some pictures on the blog of the show soon enough!