Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Uh oh. I've just been in New York and now I have to choose pictures about it. My top 3 it'll have to be.
1) An art show I saw in Chelsea at Arario Gallery. I bought a work by Heige Kim.
2) In the musical instruments section at the Met (you know those guitars that are like double guitars?)
3) A store I saw in the Lower East Side where I am staying. This one is for you, sister Ween.
Of course I have done highbrow stuff too, I've seen West Side Story on Broadway, I saw a great play called "Our Town" where my friend and I were sitting on stage, right in the action, and I visited an Abyssinian church service with gospel handclaps and call and response! I've seen all the galleries I could handle and checked out the fireworks at the top of a revolving restaurant with a friend and her family. Amazing, every minute of it.


Anne said...

Love it, Ween! more more more!

Simone said...

Love it too dudette! Where's the picture of us with Elmo?!