Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bloomington, Indiana

Oh dear, I have been remiss, no blogs posts for far too long. Just too busy wasting time stressing out over my decision to begin graduate school, which turns out to be a unique kind of heaven/hell for artists. I just found out I have a teaching job for next year which will be its own kind of heaven/hell. Indiana University is an incredible place to be for ceramics, with uber-intelligent folks around all the freaking time, making you feel inadequate through no fault of their own (well maybe a little bit). Critiques are INTENSE...where three faculty and the rest of your ceramics peers sit around and really LOOK at your no-one has ever looked at my work before. It is amazing that people spend that much time on artwork...and yet frightening as hell.

Here is a picture of me doing a performance at our open studios where I peeled and grated clay potatoes (I have also been making potato jewellery and calling them scrotatoes).
I have visited Chicago and Ann Arbor, and met some super nice are metalsmith Molly Gabbard and I at Anish Kapoor's sculpture "Cloud Gate", affectionately known as "the Bean"...
More later...but for now I am headed back to Melbourne for some R and R (and even some Triple R), Christmas in the sun and some live music...because, as the Graveyard Train say, "Even witches like to go out dancing".

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